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How do vegans and vegetarians use the Venus Factor?

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2014 05:46PM UTC

Vegans and vegetarians can certainly follow the Venus Factor program since it does not require eating any animal based foods if you choose not to.

Considerations Vegans and Vegetarians would need to make are as follows:

For protein: Vegans and Vegetarian should pay attention to their protein sources and ensure that they are achieving the daily protein recommendation that the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist calculator gives them. In some cases hitting this protein number may seem difficult with standard Vegan or Vegetarian foods. If this seems difficult a simple Vegan or Vegetarian based protein powder can easily get you to your daily protein total in one or two shakes.

Carbohydrates: All vegetables and fruits are acceptable carbohydrate choices. Refined sugar products such as white bread and other pastries and baked goods should be limited as the higher sugar content will make it difficult to burn fat. We suggest limiting these refined sugar options to less than 20% of your total carbohydrate intake on regular days, and up to 50% on your higher carb ‘eat-up’ days.

Other considerations: Nuts, beans and legumes seem to be popular within some vegan and vegetarian eating patterns and these are definitely allowable to eat in MODERATION on the Venus program. The major consideration to make with nuts, beans and legumes is their potentially high calorie and high fat content. Most nuts have a very high fat content compared to the small amount of protein they deliver so they are a poor choice if you’re eating them for their protein.

Likewise, many forms of beans and legumes have a very high carbohydrate content compared to the amount of protein they deliver. Once again this makes them a poor protein choice considering how many total calories you would end up consuming.

It can be quite easy to exceed your daily fat burning calorie level if you consume too many nuts or beans (assuming you’re eating them for the purpose of getting protein).

The simpler answer is to choose a vegan or vegetarian friendly protein supplement (this could be a powder drink mix, a bar or a spread) and use this to get to your daily protein requirement for fat burning as indicated in the Venus Factor program.

You don’t need to get ALL of your daily protein from a supplement, but it can certainly make the process much easier even if you only choose to get 30%-50% of your daily protein needs from a supplement. This will make it much easier to choose foods that fit within the recommendations that will cause fat loss without having to constantly adjust to get enough protein while at the same time avoiding overeating calories.

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