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What is the ONE major food/nutrient that promotes Fat and Weight Gain?

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2014 08:22PM UTC
Refined white sugar is the number 1 food to avoid in order to maintain a strong fat burning metabolism. Refined sugar specifically causes your body to shift into a fat storage metabolism instead of a fat burning metabolism. It can cause a rise in insulin, and insulin in turn shifts your body into ‘storage’ mode instead of ‘burn’ mode.

The more sugar you eat at any one time the longer you stay in this ‘storage’ mode. In other words, a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee isn’t a big deal and you may only be in storage’ mode for 25 minutes. However a slice of chocolate cake could shift you into storage mode for hours while your body works to metabolize this infusion of calories.

Additionally, while we already know that sugar is a very calorie dense food, what you probably don't know is that sugar directly feeds pathogenic digestive bacteria starting a spiral of unhealthy bacteria overgrowth, inflammation and cravings for more sugar.

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