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What if I don’t have a stability ball/barbell/ab wheel for Roll Outs or Roll Ups?

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2014 10:29PM UTC

It is better to start now than to wait to buy equipment.

You can work around not having a ball, barbell or ab wheel for the following exercises:

*Stability Ball Roll Out/Up
*Barbell Roll Out/Up
*Ab Wheel

Instead you can perform the following alternative exercises until you purchase the equipment you need:

* Planks - CLICK HERE.

*Mountain Climbers - CLICK HERE.

*Or you can do roll out or roll ups with a towel on a hard surface. For a demo video, CLICK HERE. :)

 **Be aware that the floor can be slick, especially if this is your first try at this, so be sure to have a wall to stop the slide at the end of the motion or just remove your hand from the towel and catch yourself if you feel yourself beginning to lose control. :)

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