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Is fasting REQUIRED with Venus Factor?

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 06:06PM UTC

Many newcomers notice a lot of discussion regarding fasting on the Venus Index community discussion forum and often ask "Is fasting REQUIRED with the Venus Factor program?"

The answer is NO.

Fasting can be a lifestyle friendly way for many ladies to help control calories.  It also has a few other benefits but for our purposes, they are secondary.   However, it is not necessary.

If you're asking your doctor or primary care physician if you can use the Venus Factor program and you are considering making fasting a part of your strategy, make sure you let him or her know that fasting is NOT REQUIRED for the protocol as certain health issues make fasting NOT OKAY and they'll need to know that it's not required so they can give you their best recommendation.

For more information about the style of fasting we recommend for those that want to use this tool, just go check out Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon. It's basically his Master's Thesis written in a way that everyone can understand and put into use.  :)

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