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What is leptin and how can I enhance my leptin sensitivity?

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017 07:13PM UTC

Leptin is a very powerful hormone that is produced by your fat cells. It signals your brain whether or not to eat and store fat or to stop eating because energy is sufficient. To be clear, the more fat you have, the higher your leptin levels will be. Therefore, women do not have lower leptin levels, but rather they have a lower sensitivity to leptin. Leptin resistance is a problem women face that men typically do not.

There are a number of reasons why women and particularly overweight women tend to respond poorly to leptin despite its abundant production, but the main causes of leptin resistance are the continual surges in leptin activity caused by eating behaviors and insulin spikes. When your brain doesn't sense that leptin is abundant, it will activate your hunger so that you eat more in an attempt to create even more leptin which in turn continues to create a desensitizing effect in your brain.Therefore, over time high surges of leptin activity and your brain's ever increasing resistance to leptin create a vicious cycle of eating because your brain isn't responding to the signaling from your fat cells to stop eating.

Leptin sensitivity is enhanced and increased in four ways:

1.) Insulin resistance and leptin resistance go hand-in-hand. Additionally, high levels of blood triglycerides interfere with your brain's ability to receive leptin signalling. Therefore, by decreasing consumption of refined sugars and saturated fats as well as increasing consumption of fiber and the general amount of plant based foods in the diet you will limit insulin spikes, blood triglyceride levels and leptin resistance. If you follow the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist recommendations as well as the sample meal plans you will be maximizing the nutritional tools to increase leptin sensitivity.

2.) Eating up to maintenance every 7 to 10 days or more helps to restore leptin levels and prevent binge cycles. The Undulating Metabolic Override & Reverse Taper Protocols with their cycles of higher calorie eating and targeted incorporation of varying macronutrients are designed to protect and support your metabolic health by keeping your Leptin levels up and your Leptin sensitivity high.

3.) Exercise has a dramatic impact on insulin sensitivity and by association, on leptin sensitivity as well. More specifically, recent research has shown intense short bursts of exercise to have the most positive effect on leptin sensitivity. The specific pattern and intensity of the Venus Factor Workouts is designed to take advantage of these enhancing side effects of exercise. 

4.) Some of the specific herbal extracts in our VFX Body supplement are very good at increasing leptin sensitivity.  If you choose to add a supplement and/or the workout component, you will further increase your sensitivity which will accelerate your fat loss results beyond what you can do with the diet component alone. 

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