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How do I use the Meal Plans?

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 06:04PM UTC

We currently offer three meal planning products for you to choose from. :)

The simplest to use is located in the Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System manual beginning on page 40. These meals were compiled from suggestions by actual Venus women who completed successful transformations. They are easy recipes with few ingredients and quick preparation times.

To use the meal plans in the manual, simply use the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist software to determine the number of calories you wish to eat on your deficit days and on your maintenance days and then you may choose from the appropriate daily plans in the manual that appeal to you most.

You may also feel free to mix and match items from different days to create a customized day to suit your own tastes.

Also keep in mind that you can substitute anything you don't like or that you can't eat for any reason. If you do make changes, use an online calorie tracking tool to count up the calories in your substitutions so that you won’t go over budget. :)

You will see that each suggested meal or snack has the macronutrient breakdown written out for you.  To comply with the “add fat/protein/carbs” maintenance days, simply choose a meal plan that has significantly more fat, protein, or carbs compared to your deficit days.

On normal “eat up” days where no specific macronutrient is called out in excess simply use any higher calorie meal plan that fits your maintenance need.

We now also offer a standalone Venus Factor 12 Week Meal Plan you can purchase HERE.

This is a very comprehensive meal plan that includes a complete recipe guide and shopping lists. The recipes are delicious and quite varied. As with the meal plan included in the 12 Week Fat Loss System manual, all of the calorie calculations and macronutrient breakdowns are done FOR you, taking the guesswork and “what should I EAT” stress out of your daily food choice process. If you enjoy cooking and experimenting with different foods and new recipes, this is a great product for YOU.

As with the meal plans you will find in the 12 Week Fat Loss System manual, there are plans for daily calorie ranges from 1000 calories per day all the way up to 1800 calories per day. The instructions for use of these plans are the same as those listed above. Simply sub in higher calorie days with the appropriate macronutrient emphasis on your eat up days.

Again, you may also substitute various recipes you will find throughout the meal plans if there are some you prefer over others and you may substitute similar ingredients to accommodate allergies, restrictions or personal tastes. The only “rules” to follow are to stay within your calorie budget and to follow the undulating macronutrient emphases to the best of your ability.

As with all of our products, the meal plans are designed to be FLEXIBLE and to help you learn more about your own body and how you react to various foods and nutritional practices, so you may always feel free to experiment and make substitutions within the framework of the program.

Finally, if you are a real “do it yourselfer” who is just interested in trying some tasty new low calorie recipes made from nutrient dense ingredients, we also offer The Venus Factor Cookbook available for purchase HERE. In this cookbook you will find low calorie high protein makeovers of many of your favorite comfort foods like Eggs Benedict, Macaroni and Cheese, Fried Chicken, Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes, Nachos, and even desserts and snacks.

If you own the Venus Factor Cookbook, you can always feel free to sub in your favorite recipes from the cookbook as you work your way through the 12 Week Fat Loss System using its meal plans, the standalone Venus Factor 12 Week Meal Plan or simply making up your own “plan” as you go along. 

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