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What Is Special About the Undulating Metabolic Override & Reverse Taper Protocols?

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017 06:03PM UTC

The Undulating Metabolic Override & Reverse Taper Protocols are designed to help prevent “crashing” and allow your body some recovery from a calorie deficit. The strategic addition of “eat up” days eliminates the tired and lethargic feelings that normally come with crash dieting, the risk of bingeing and out of control cheat days and teaches you how to eat to maintain your new body.

Additionally, the "eat up" days incorporating specific macronutrients teach your body to become efficient at utilizing protein for muscle repair and recovery and they teach your body to become more efficient at burning dietary fats and carbohydrates. 

These cycles of higher calorie eating and targeted incorporation of varying macronutrients also protect and support your metabolic health by keeping your Leptin levels up and your Leptin sensitivity high.

By tapering your deficit calorie intake upwards as you get leaner, you are matching the size of your calorie deficit to the size of your body fat stores. We do this because the more fat you have to lose the bigger the deficit your body can safely handle while losing fat as fast as possible and also maintaining your metabolic and overall health. As you learn to eat more and gently ease into maintenance, you are also eliminating the potential for rebounds and massive weight regain.  

The authors designed this protocol based on research and also based on the trials, errors, and crashes of many Venuses who have been successful over the years of working with the Venus Philosophies.

To get started calculating your ideal calorie intake and goals using our Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist click HERE.

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