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Why do you recommend other products if Venus Factor is so good?

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2014 07:17PM UTC

This is a great question and one we answer a lot.

First, about OUR other products.

The truth is, for many women, they need to TOTALLY understand and often UNLEARN a lot of the "facts" they've learned over the years when it comes to weight loss, body shaping, and becoming your best YOU.  We do this through both free and paid UNCENSORED podcasts, both help you uncover the real truths you need in a different format.

UNCENSORED podcasts also dig into all the scams and error in research interpretation so you can learn how to decide FOR YOURSELF what's legit and what's not...

The simple fact is what you are learning now, it will WORK for the rest of your life.  And these investments WILL help you save a TON of money in the long run as you don't buy or waste time with other things that just don't work or are unnecessary... like certain expensive foods.

About Products From Other Companies

There are certain products we'll periodically recommend from time to time.

In almost all cases, these products will be products that supplement or can be used with VF.   Truthfully, we are good at what WE do, but there are a few others that have great expertise in areas we don't specialize in (like bodyweight workouts for example).

You can also control access to external product mentions that come through newsletters through the survey at the bottom of the email.  If you don't want to hear about other recommendations, simply just choose to not receive those and we'll honor it in your subscriptions  :)

A note about affiliate partnerships:

When you buy a product that we recommend, we DO earn a commission for it.

This shouldn't surprise you as EVERY company today has a referral program, even giants like Amazon.  So our recommendations aren't skewed by this at all.  it's a choice of getting paid for the recommendation versus not, even though the recommendation is the same.  Kinda dumb to not take a check if you're going to refer it anyway  :)

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